Jordan Z. Marks


County of San Diego

Document Types and Definitions

Abandonment of Homestead - ABD Homestead
Document recorded to terminate a homestead.
Grantor: Declarant  

Abstract of Judgment - ABST JDGT
A summary of the essential provisions of a money judgment. When recorded, it creates a general lien on real property of the judgment debtor in the county in which the abstract is recorded.
Grantor: Debtor or Defendant                          
Grantee: Creditor or Plaintiff/Assignee

Assignment of Rents - ASSIGNMENT RENTS
A document that gives the beneficiary the right to collect rents of the secured property in the event of a default.
Grantor: Assignor/Trustor   
Grantee: Assignee/Beneficiary

Certificate of Tax Lien - CTF TAX LIEN
A lien for nonpayment of property taxes. Attaches only to the property upon which the taxes are unpaid.
Grantor: Owner
Grantee: County SD Tax Collector or Employment Development Department

Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) - RESTRICTIONS
A term used in some areas to describe the restrictive limitations which may be placed on property. In other areas, simply called restrictions.
Grantor: Declarants and all signors   
Grantor: Name of Condominium (if applicable)

Declaration of Homestead - HOMESTEAD
Document recorded by a homeowner to protect his home from forced sale in satisfaction of certain types of creditors' claims.
Grantor: Declarant
Deed - DEED
Written instrument which, when properly executed and delivered, transfers title to real estate.
Grantor: Owner
Grantee: Receiver

Deed of Reconveyance - RECONVEYANCE
An instrument used to transfer title from a trustee to the equitable owner of real estate when title is held as collateral security for a debt. Most commonly used upon payment in full of a trust deed.
Grantor: Trustee
Grantee: Trustor, Owner

Deed of Trust (See Trust Deed)

Easement - EASEMENT
The granting of a right which one has in the land of another. It is either for the benefit of land, such as a right to cross, or "in gross," such as a public utility easement.
Grantor: Signor
Grantee: Receiver

Federal Tax Lien - FEDERAL TAX LIEN
A lien attaching to property for nonpayment of a federal tax (estate, income, etc.).
Grantor: Taxpayer
Grantee: Internal Revenue Service

Fictitious Deed of Trust - FICTITIOUS TR DD
A deed of trust recorded by a trustee which discloses all the terms of the trust deed but does not relate to a specific transaction and is used for reference only.
Grantor: Fictitious
Grantee: Beneficiary or Fictitious

Grant Deed - DEED
Form of deed, common in California, which contains implied warranties to the effect that the grantor has not previously conveyed or encumbered the property.
Grantor: Grantor/Seller
Grantee: Grants or Conveys to/Buyer

Judgment - JUDGMENT
The final determination of a court of a matter presented to it. Money judgments, when recorded, become a lien on real property of the defendant.
Grantor: Debtor/Party deprived of interest
Grantee: Creditor/party retaining or acquiring interest

Lien - LIEN
A charge upon property for the payment of debt or obligation.
Grantor: Debtor or Owner
Grantee: Claimant

Mechanic's Lien - MECHANIC'S LIEN
Statutory lien in favor of laborers and material suppliers who have performed work or furnished materials or supplies to a work of improvement. If not paid, they have a right to record a lien within a prescribed period of time.
Grantor: Owner
Grantee: Claimant

Notice of Completion - NOTICE COMPLETION
Notice recorded under the California mechanic's lien law within ten days after completion of a structure; it shortens the time to file a mechanic's lien.
Grantor: Owner
Grantor: Contractor
Descriptor: Address or Identification of property where work was completed

Notice of Default - DEFAULT
Recorded notice that a default has occurred under a deed of trust. It is the first step in non-judicial foreclosure of a deed of trust
Grantor: Trustee/Signor
Grantor: Trustor
Descriptor: Document reference to the Deed of Trust

Notice of Rescission - RESCISSION
A recorded notice to rescind a notice of default of a mortgage or deed of trust.
Grantor: Signor
Grantee: Owner/Trustor/Executed by

Notice of Trustee Sale - NT TRUSTEE SALE
Foreclosure sale conducted by the trustee under a deed of trust after a default occurs.
Grantor: Signor
Grantor: Record Owner or Executed by

Power of Attorney - POWER ATTORNEY
Instrument used to appoint an attorney-in-fact.
Grantor: Principal
Grantee: Appointee

Quitclaim Deed - QUITCLAIM DEED
A deed used to transfer any interest in real property that the grantor may have. It contains no warranties of any kind.
Grantor: Conveyor
Grantee: Receiver

Release - RELEASE
An instrument releasing property from the lien of the mortgage, judgment, etc. When a trust deed is used, the instrument is called a Reconveyance. In some areas, a "discharge" is used instead of a release.
Grantor: Party releasing
Grantee: Party being released

Request for Notice of Default - REQUEST NOTICE
A recorded notice made by the beneficiary of a trust deed that he be notified in the event that foreclosure proceedings are commenced by another party of interest.
Grantor: Party notice will be mailed to
Grantor: Trustor

Revocable Transfer on Death Deed
Written instrument which, when properly executed and delivered, transfers title to real estate to a designated beneficiary upon the death of the owner (transferor) without a probate hearing.
The Transfer of Death Deed has no effect until the death of the transferor occurs. This type of Deed has particular timelines that must be followed and is revocable at any time.
Grantor: Transferor
Grantee: Beneficiary(ies)

State Tax Lien - STATE TAX LIEN
A lien attaching to property for nonpayment of state income tax.
Grantor: Taxpayer
Grantee: Public Agency

Subordination Agreement - SUBDN AGMT
Agreement under which a prior or superior lien is made inferior or subject to an otherwise junior lien.
Grantor: Party subordinating
Grantor: Trustor/Landlord/Tenant
Grantee: Party subordinated to

Trust Deed (Deed of Trust) - TR DEED
Written instrument by which title to land is transferred to a trustee as security for a debt or other obligation.
Grantor: Trustor
Grantee: Beneficiary

Trustee's Deed - TRUSTEES DEED
Deed given by the trustee when property is sold under the power of sale in a trust deed.
Grantor: Trustee, Original Trustor
Grantee: Purchaser

Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement - UCC FINANCING STMT
A mortgage or security agreement using personal property as the collateral. These agreements are recorded in county if real property is affected.
Grantor: Debtor
Grantee: Secured Party