Jordan Z. Marks


County of San Diego

Marriage Keepsake

Our office provides an optional service to the public when looking for a special gift or remembrance keepsake. You can purchase a decorative wedding or anniversary keepsake for individuals who obtained their marriage license in the County of San Diego.

These commemorative, 8 x 10-inch keepsakes are available for purchase and make excellent gifts.  Click the image below to view a sample.  You can also view samples and purchase keepsakes at any of our available offices.  Purchase a keepsake in person or by mailing in the application. 

The wedding and anniversary keepsakes is adorned with a gold seal.

PLEASE NOTE: If a confidential marriage license was issued, only the couple may request a keepsake. If you are mailing in the request, you will need to submit a notarized sworn statement along with the application. Application for a CONFIDENTIAL Marriage Keepsake Souvenir is below.

This keepsake is for souvenir purposes only. People who need an official document for identification purposes would need to purchase a certified copy of a marriage certificate.