Jordan Z. Marks


County of San Diego

Chronological List of Assessors, Recorders, and County Clerks

On September 9, 1850, California was admitted to the United States as the 31st state. One of the first acts of the legislature was to adopt a statewide land records system. Under the Spanish and Mexican governments, there were no statewide recording laws and there was a need for a system by which evidence of title to, or an interest in land, could be collected in a convenient and safe public place. The basis of the California recording system is modeled after the recording system established by the American colonies that was in use in many eastern states at the time California became a state. The system allows for persons intending to purchase or otherwise deal with land to be informed as to the ownership and collection of the title, and to be protected from secret conveyance and liens. The system provided for a public official, known as the County Recorder, to transcribe a record of each land transaction into an official ledger, known as the Official Record.

The County Recorder, as the custodian of the Official Record, is obligated to preserve this information permanently, and is one of the very few government offices that must keep information forever. Ownership can be proved if throughout the history of the property, the rightful owners properly sold their land. All documents that have ever been recorded must remain open to public inspection and be on record forever.

In 1991, the departments of the County Recorder and the County Clerk merged. In 1996, there was further consolidation to form the Office of the Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk. 

2022     Jordan Z. Marks

2010     Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr.

2009     David L. Butler

1983     Gregory J. Smith

1965     Eldon C. "Chuck" Williams

1965     John C. Cox

1956     John C. McQuilken

1953     Arthur C. Eddy

1936     Crowell D. Eddy

1931     James Hervey Johnson

1922     George W. Moulton

1919     Charles H. Swallow

1907     Montgomery M. Moulton

1904     Gustave W. Jorres

1899     Jacob D. Ruth

1895     John P. Burt

1894     G. Frank Judson

1891     Clarence H. Shepard

1877     Josephus M. Asher

1879     Martin D. Hamilton

1875     David Burroughs

1873     Mark P. Schaffer

1871     Michael S. Julian

1870     William Smith

1863     John M. McIntire

1862     Andres E. Maxey

1861     Henry Clayton

1860     James McCoy

1858     Albert Smith

1857     William C. Ferrell

1855     Albert B. Smith

1854     Eugene B. Pendleton 

1853     William C. Ferrell

1852     Archie T. Crowell

1852     Santiago E. Arguello

1851     Frederick J. Painter

1850     Jose A. Estudillo

2022     Jordan Z. Marks

2010     Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr.

2009     David L. Butler

1994     Gregory J. Smith

1991     Annette J. Evans

1979     Vera L. Lyle

1971     Harley F. Bloom

1961     Albert S. Gray

1938     Roger N. Howe

1931     Orpha M. Swope

1930     Nellie Parsons

1907     John F. Ferry

1893     John F. Forward

1892     L. W. Allum

1891     Edwin H. Miller

1887     Elon G. Haight

1885     Samual A. McDowell

1882     Elon G. Haight

1879     Gilbert Rennie

1877     David A. Johnson

1872     Alfred S. Grant

1871     Chalmers Scott

1857     George A. Pendleton

1854     William B. Couts

1852     Philip Crosthwaite

1850     Henry G. Matsell    

2022     Jordan Z. Marks

2010     Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr.

2009     David L. Butler

1994     Gregory J. Smith

1991     Annette J. Evans

1974     Robert D. Zumwalt

1971     Jesse Osuna

1954     Robert B. James

1947     Thomas H. Sexton

1917     James B. McLees

1911      John T. Butler

1907     William H. Francis

1904     Frank A. Salmons

1893     Will Holcomb

1892     C. W. Thompson

1891     William H. Gassaway

1889     Martin D. Hamilton

1883     Josiah M. Dodge

1878     Sylvester Statler

1871     Alfred S. Grant

1871     Chalmers Scott

1858     George A. Pendleton

1854     William B. Couts

1852     Philip Crosthwaite

1850     Richard Rust